This set of traditional waist beads is as pictured (one black strand, one strand with equal parts of red, yellow and green and one strand with mainly black with red, yellow and green to break up the black). 


The colours symbolize:

  • Yellow – Energy; joy
  • Green – Nature; prosperity; fertility
  • Red – Confidence; vitality
  • Black – Power; protection


Waist beads can be seen as a symbol of femininity and tradition.


Note: each set of waist beads may have a slight variation from the next which makes your set of waist beads specially handcrafted for you.



Handmade Item

Traditional Waist Beads

Cotton Strung

Length: 40" (length may slightly vary)

Beads: 8/0 seed beads 

©2021 by Bernadette Chikowore
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