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FAQs: The Waistbeads Edition

Let’s talk about waist beads! ⁣

1. How do I tie my waistbeads? Firstly, you want to put the waistbeads around your waist to estimate where you'll like them to fall. Once you've done this, remove any excess beads and then firmly tie the two strands together (three knots should keep it firmly in place). After, simply cut the excess strands.

2. Do I need to measure myself before getting waistbeads?

You do not necessarily need to measure yourself as our waistbands come standard at 40inches long. This length would therefore fit most. If you require them to extend 40 inches, kindly send us an email.

3. How many waistbeads should I wear?

You are free to wear as many (or as little) waistbeads are you wish depending on the intended purpose for wearing them in the first place. I personally keep them between 3-5 but I am gravitate to the spiritual significance of the colors, so if I'm in need of purity, I'll focus more on obtaining white strands until I feel comfortable.

4. Can I take my waistbeads off once tied?

No. Our waistbeads are traditionally made (strung on cotton thread) therefore once they are tied around your waist, you cannot remove them unless you do so intentionally or if they break.

5. How do I remove my waistbeads?

Simply use a scissors to cut the strand. If you are using waistbeads for weight management, you can indeed cut the strand by the knot and attempt to retie it but it might prove difficult depending on how much excess strand you now have available.

6. What happens when my waistbeads break?

If your waistbeads break, not to worry - simply keep the beads and we'll restring them for you at a nominal fee. Alternatively, you can also purchase a new set or strand.

But as a cautionary message, if you tie them around the same point where you wear your underwear, you are likely to break them when removing your underwear.

7. Are waistbeads waterproof?

Essentially, yes. Our waistbeads are predominately made from seed beads and very few of our beads change colour overtime so you are free to shower, exercise and swim in your waistbeads!


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