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Thank you, Azul Boutique!

Our first pop up for the year was nothing short of amazing. Originally scheduled for Easter, Mr.Rona (aka COVID 19) most certainly had other plans and hence our scheduled pop-ups for the year were either postponed or cancelled altogether!

But the Azul team reorganized to get the ball rolling again and as the old saying goes "some things in life are worth waiting for".

Our Highlight

This pop-up featured over 40 local businesses and artisans which made it the largest pop up to be hosted by Azul Boutique to date. Being a small business (and a young business at that), we enjoy opportunities to connect with other like-minded creatives, entrepreneurs and you, the customers!

Your Feedback

The shea butter was an absolute hit - so big up all the shea butter Queens (and Kings, can you believe it)!

Secondly, the response to our first collection of clothing was a success! We will be taking into consideration every comment and releasing an easy process for ordering clothing soon!

Your Highlight

Our booth was definitely a favourite for most of you so we want to say thank you again to our friends at ALVASCO who made our Pinterest visions come through.

So what do you guys think? See you in December?

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